Zone Carnival

Outer West Met Zone Carnival

Date: 9th-10th-11th December 2016

Venue: Blair Oval, St Marys

Hosted by Nepean LAC

Regional Carnival

Region 6 Athletics Carnival

Date: TBA

Venue: Blacktown Int. Sports Park

Hosted by: Region 6 Affiliates

State Championships

LANSW State Championships

Date: 17th-18th-19th March 2017

Venue: SOPAC

Hosted by: LANSW

2016 NSW Winter Competition

RunNSW Winter Membership Subscription:-  
 This is a new membership model we have implemented for the 2016 season. It has the same benefits as our old membership:

With the added benefits of:

  • Free entry into all 12 RunNSW events (King of the Mountain not included)
  • Free entry into all TrackRUN events
  • 10% discount into all Recreational Running Coaching Accreditation Courses run by Athletics NSW
  • Free RunNSW/Greater Running Shirt for competitors in the Sydney10
Athletics NSW Dual, Youth or Junior Subscription 
  This membership gives an athlete eligibility to enter all 9 ‘traditional’ Athletics NSW and Athletics Australia winter events including cross country, team point score, cross country relays & more.



Q) If I'm a full year member do I get access to RunNSW events for free?

A) No. While memberships like the Open Athlete or a Youth Athlete Membership give an athlete eligibility to enter in all Athletics NSW and Athletics Australia  events for a whole year (both the summer and winter season), they do not offer free entry to the RunNSW or TrackRUN events. The only membership that offers this is the RunNSW Winter Membership. 

Q) When should I choose the RunNSW Winter Membership? 

The RunNSW Winter Membership is ideal for athletes who intend to compete throughout the winter season, have not yet signed up with Athletics NSW for the 2015/2016 season and do not meet the criteria of a dual, youth or club athlete.

 Also, athletes who intend to participate in 3 or more of these RunNSW/TrackRUN events such as the Fernleigh 15, Sydney 10 and Sydney Half - where registration is approx. $30 per event - may want to also register for the RunNSW Winter Membership in order to gain free entry and save money! 

For more information please contact Amelia Hansen on 9746 1122 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The 2016 Winter Calendar is now available and we encourage you to check the dates for all the major events and put in the diary.
Dates for NSW Cross Country, NSW Walk Championship and RunNSW events are below.  
Officials can nominate their availability through this online form.

2016 NSW Winter Series